21 August 2010

Teacher to Teacher

One of the most useful resources I've discovered as a new teacher has been the English Companion Ning, created by the brilliant Jim Burke.  Now, I love the EC Ning for many reasons. Not just because Jim Burke was one of the first thinkers and doers in English education I was introduced to in college who

a) was still alive and/or a practicing educator, and
b) actually provided practical and useful knowledge to back up his ideas, answering that age-old teacher education question of "Okay, nice. But HOW?!"

Mainly, I love the EC Ning because it's teeming with helpful and creative ideas from almost 20,000 other educators that can actually be applied in a real classroom. It's teachers helping teachers (and pre-service teachers, which is invaluable) in very real ways. My favorite post recently, one that I go back to almost every day despite currently being unable to implement the ideas, is this one about how to spend the first day of school.  New ideas, old ideas, new ways to rethink those old ideas--I think this post is a perfect example of what the EC Ning is and can do for teachers.

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