23 September 2010

Doing Teacherly Things?

Officially, my long-term substitute teaching position has started, and the past two days have been a whirlwind.  The original start date for my position was this Friday, when the regular teacher's maternity leave was scheduled to begin. I've been teaching in my classroom since yesterday.  I had planned to be in the classroom yesterday regardless--just to observe one last time, take some things in to the classroom, and get some other loose ends tied up before Friday. Yesterday started, though, with a phone call from the regular teacher, letting me know that she just wasn't feeling well at all and that she wouldn't be in to school.  Of course, I was the sub. Now, I've been prepared for this to happen because a) I've gathered that babies don't really wait for anything nor do they concern themselves much with their parents' schedules and b) she just looked really ready to have that baby soon, and I was hoping she would if only for her sake and comfort.  Yesterday ended with a text message letting me know that Mama and Baby were safely and comfortably celebrating a birthday together.

So two days,  150 new students, 60 projects newly-completed-and-ready-to-be-graded, 75 journals of the same nature as the aforementioned projects, one two-hour-long staff meeting, and countless steps around the school building trying to track down the guy who is supposed to give me my school email address later, I'm teaching. And getting paid for it.

My triumph for today is still managing to leave school at 3 p.m.

But I think I did a "scary" teacher thing today.

As I was getting my outfit for tomorrow ready, I grabbed a comfy pair of shoes that I wore frequently during my teaching internship. I slipped them on to make sure that they were indeed still comfy, and in doing so, I noticed a kind-of-big scuff on the back of one of the shoes. Now, if they weren't still comfy, I would have just put them back where I found them (which was under my bed, where they likely had been kicked sometime in May. I know, this is possibly how they became scuffed in the first place. Touche). Still comfy, though. So comfy.

What was I to do? I didn't want to wear scuffed shoes to school on my third day. Still trying to make a good impression here, people. And it would have nagged at me in the back of my mind all day. Woe.

And then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted one of the many black Sharpie markers that lurk around my house.  Thirty seconds later, my comfy shoes are scuff-free.

I don't know whether to just be glad that I own a surplus of Sharpies, one of which happened to be conveniently located for DIY inspiration, or whether I should be worried that I'm now mending my clothing with office supplies. I don't fancy myself a cobbler, but with the new knowledge of how quickly and well this works and armed with the new multicolored pack of Sharpies that I just bought, I fear that this might be something that occurs again.

If I start pinning my hair up with paperclips or fixing hems with Scotch tape, stage an intervention. Please.

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