02 September 2010

Sew Much

It's been a while since I've sewn...anything. And the extent of my sewing experience--as in sewing with a sewing machine--is limited to the pillow I had to make in Home Economics in sixth grade. Well, that and the small clothing repair every once in a while.

As I get ready for the school year, I remember how HOT it was in my classroom at the beginning of last year and how jealous I was of my mentor teacher in her cute dresses and skirts that looked so comfortable and cool. With my funding being limited, my taste in clothing being picky, and my need to be fairly conservative in my classroom wardrobe being imperative, I knew that any shopping excursions to find clothing for the time in between hot and cold weather would be unproductive and/or financially draining.

When I found these tutorials for a simple and fairly conservative skirt, I knew I could have some unique pieces to add to my wardrobe for this fall. Boldly, I will go where I have never gone before with little experience and a determination to, at the very least, sew two pieces of fabric together.

I may post pictures of my final products here. We'll see.

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