28 August 2011

When the dust clears...

Turns out, I have to change the name of this blog.

Because, you see, I signed a contract on Friday.

It's true! I'm a full-time, contracted teacher. Suddenly, my blog title seems like a misnomer. Many of my supporters have told me that it was not the best fit all along, but I stood firm, reasoning with myself that until I had my own classroom and students with my name on their class schedule, it wasn't true. To those people, I think I have to say, "Thank you for believing so much in me." And I think they might be entitled to a hearty "I told you so! Don't you feel silly now?!" My sister has already used hers, and maybe a few of the rest of yours, so if you feel the need, better get it while the getting is good.

I wrote a post a little less than a year ago, when I got my long-term sub job, about what "The Almost Teacher" meant to me. In that post, I defined the label as this:

The Almost Teacher n. A teacher who is almost the teacher she wants to be and who, through reflection, revision, and hard work, will never stop striving to be the teacher her students need.

I still like that definition, to describe how I view myself as a teacher and how I think I will view myself for a while to come. I don't, however, think it defines "The Almost Teacher" anymore. I'm allowed to decide that, because language evolves constantly. It's science. I mean, it's language. Or maybe I mean it's the science of language? Linguistics? Yep. That's it.
So what do I call this blog now?
I know I'm keeping the quote from Jim Burke in the blog header, because I love him. And because the quote hits hugely on what I think all good teachers believe about themselves. All good teachers are constantly seeking progress for themselves, as much as they are for their students. We have to evolve as our students change, and that's a constant process. I want the title of this blog to reflect that.
Does this mean I should call it "Journeys of a Good Teacher"?
Ha! I'm all about self-confidence, but that's just a tad pretentious and presumptuous.
It may be a while until I figure out what I'm going to call it, but I'll be working on it.

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